Weekend long reads

Read about a net-zero world, why we fall for hoaxes, luxury living in skyscrapers, why US markets aren’t truly free, art from the Holocaust, China’s new aerotropolis, furniture from fungi, how Athletic Bilbao defies globalisation — and much more

Climate change is making us rethink the way we eat, dress, travel and work

Get the clothes right, assume an air of authority, make your victims complicit: inside the art of the scam

The Woolworth and Tribune were once commercial landmarks — now they are full of penthouses

Martin Wolf reviews ‘The Great Reversal’ by Thomas Philippon

Shattering and profound, Life? or Theatre? is a great work by a prodigious talent murdered at Auschwitz

Pilot Mark Vanhoenacker is dazzled by Daxing, Zaha Hadid’s $11bn creation

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